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We are constantly working hard to improve and upgrade our products and services thanks to the feedback we receive from our customers. Check out some of the features our clients love the most!

Password Protection / Lead Generator

You have the option to protect your 360° VR tours at Ogulo with a password. This means that the interested party has to sign in before entering the property virtually, just like they would in a typical open house. This way you can decide whether the prospective customer receives the virtual access to the 360° tour. This allows you to protect the privacy of the residents and generate qualified leads!

Visitor Analytics

Get the inside scoop! Our system allows you to track and review who has visited your property virtually, how often, and in which rooms. This enables you to gauge visitors’ real interest levels and incorporate this valuable information into your price negotiations with the interested party.

Info Points

Give your prospective buyers all the details! You can directly link and embed photos, PDF, texts, or videos right into your tour to provide easy access to additional information about the listing’s features at-a-glance.

Digital Measurement

Does the sofa really fit in the family room? With Ogulo’s digital measurement tool, potential buyers can see directly which furniture fits into the property.

Interactive Product Roadmap

We listen to you! You have a feature request? With our interactive roadmap you can inform us quickly and easily which feature you want us to implement next. You can also easily vote on and help us prioritize upcoming features desired by other customers.

Ogulo Alpha App for iOS & Android

The Ogulo app is the most comprehensive and time-efficient way to create virtual real estate tours.

After downloading the app, you can immediately connect your smartphone to the 360° camera and start shooting panoramic pictures. A built-in timer also allows you to take pictures of larger rooms without appearing in the photo. The 360° images can be directly named within the Ogulo app and uploaded to your Ogulo account.

Social Media Integration

With just one click you can share your VR tour via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and email.

Seamless Integration into Your Website

With Ogulo you have the possibility to generate your individual embedding code under the menu item “Publish & Preview” under “Embed”. All you have to do is copy and paste this code into your website.

You can integrate the tour including a preview of your choice. You can choose between two very appealing animated integration options: “Loop” & “Tour”.

Since our new tour design, you also have the option to seamlessly integrate 360° tours via iFrame.

Graphic Preparation of Emails Sent to Potential Buyers

For a more attractive email correspondence with your prospective customer when giving access for a password protected 360° tour:

  • The background image always shows the property to which access is required
  • The email can be individualized with a personal headshot
  • Automatic display of your company color
  • Automatic display of your imprint and your contact data

Team Management

Depending on your Ogulo package you have the possibility to add co-workers to your Ogulo account. They can then create their own tours and act as contact persons in these VR tours. This enables prospects to contact exactly the right person in your company. You can choose what rights the co-worker has in the Ogulo account by assigning roles like admin, co-admin or agent.

Information Integration of the Surroundings

You have the option to display the address of the property within the VR tour. Ogulo automatically displays the available information about the surroundings. Thus the prospective customer can see immediately which facilities (schools, supermarkets, restaurants, etc.) are to be found around the real estate.

Navigation Within the Ogulo Tour with the Help of a Floor Plan

Get oriented! Offer your customers the opportunity to navigate through the Ogulo 360° tour using a floor plan. Already visited viewpoints will be marked with a green checkmark. This way your customer is provided with an overview and can enjoy moving virtually within your VR tour. You can upload your own floor plan or we can create one for you!

Little Planet Intro

Inspire your customers with Ogulo’s Little Planet Intro! When creating the virtual tour, you have the option to switch on this impressive effect.

Own Domain*

When compared to videos or landing pages, Ogulo tours are viewed by potential buyers for an above-average period of time. Let your domain profit from this fact! With Ogulo you have the possibility to display the tours with your own domain. This ensures that the traffic is directed to your website, which in turn drastically improves your ranking on Google!

Ogulo Services*

Automated Floor Plan Creation

What if your client doesn’t have an up-to-date floor plan? Not a problem! With our automated floor plan creation you can order floor plans straight from the virtual tour. Choose from four different options: furnished, unfurnished, schematic & realistic.

360° Virtual Renderings

Your prospective customers lack the necessary imagination? Show the potential of the property to prospective buyers with Ogulo’s virtual rendering. It allows you to market your properties faster and sell for the best price!

Beautiful Weather

Ogulo's beautiful weather service enables you to shoot object photos regardless of the weather. Whether it’s a rainy day or the skies are grey, we let the sun shine into your listing.

Ogulo Service | PLUS

You’d like to use 360° tours to win listings and sell more efficiently, but you simply don’t have the time to assemble the tours?

With Service | PLUS all you need to do is send us your 360° panoramic photos and the Ogulo graphic designers will create your tour!

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Jazel Martinez

Business Development & Marketing The 3M Group | Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
"Ogulo lets us stay ahead of the curve with technology. With this type of software our realtors can go into any listing appointment and set themselves apart from the crowd."

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