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Your client doesn’t have an up-to-date floor plan at hand? Not a problem with our automated floor plan creation!

Save yourself time-consuming and costly processes for measuring on site

Generate a colored & furnished 2D floor plan with your logo directly from your Ogulo 360° VR tour!

If you wish, the branded floor plan will be automatically integrated into your 360° tour

Aaron Pierson

Chief Creative Officer My Home Group

"Ogulo is a powerful service provider but an even better technology partner. They've truly created a dynamic platform for us - creating delightful experiences for our customers. Ogulo is phenomenal to work with and I highly recommend their team."


Step 1

Create 360° panoramic images of every room with the Ogulo Alpha app


Step 2

Order a floor plan in your Ogulo account


Step 3

You will receive a furnished, colored, and branded 2D floor plan within 24 hours

Floor Plan Styles

Choose between different floor plan styles


From $45

per floor plan


From $45

per floor plan

There are two things we need in order to imagine complex structures such as a house or an apartment. One, spatial imagination and two, orientation.

“Is the kitchen on the right or on the left? Where was the first-floor bedroom again?”

These are typical questions when looking at a property online if there is no floor plan provided. It is hence an obstacle when it comes to turning a visitor into a prospective buyer.

With Ogulo’s floor plan creation you receive a 2D floor plan within the 360° tour with just one click!


Good to know

The automated floor plan creation works both with and without an existing floor plan.

Jazel Martinez

Business Development & Marketing The 3M Group | Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
"Ogulo lets us stay ahead of the curve with technology. With this type of software our realtors can go into any listing appointment and set themselves apart from the crowd."


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