Create professional 360° VR tours
Quick & easy: no previous tech knowledge required

Our platform is easy and user friendly

Easily create a virtual walkthrough tour within minutes and use it to increase retention rate and get more quality clients!


Shoot | Capture the whole room in 360° with one click

Simply connect your smartphone to the 360° camera via the Ogulo® app and capture the image in HDR with just one click!


Create | Transfer the panoramic images into a 360° VR tour

Link the uploaded panoramic images to each other to create a 360° VR tour within just a few minutes.


Share | Your 360° VR listing is ready to go live!

Showcase your properties on your website, any mobile device, real estate portals, social media platforms, and even in Virtual Reality.

How do I best use 360° VR tours
as a real estate professional?

Working with commission-weak or leased listings

A low price usually attracts many unqualified prospects which results in idle and time-consuming mass viewings. With the use of 360° VR tours, real estate professionals minimize the number of viewing appointments and still cover costs despite the low commission.

After a showing

In case you would like to accompany and advise a prospective buyer on site - especially during the first showing of high-value properties - we recommend providing time-limited access to the VR tour right after the appointment.

Thus the prospective buyer can revisit and further acquaint themselves with the property while also being able to share it with family and friends, anywhere & anytime. Gain insights with our analytics and see which room, for how long, and how often has been viewed by which prospect in the virtual tour. Strengthen your price negotiation grounds through insider knowledge!

When selling commercial real estate

Especially in the sales process of commercial real estate, it's not always easy to get all decision makers (shareholders, investors, etc.) at the same table. Second, third, or even fourth viewings are not uncommon. In addition, sole contracts rarely exist when it comes to commercial real estate.

Reduce the number of follow-up visits and offer your prospective buyers a better customer experience than your competitors!

In winning listings

Ogulo®'s 360° VR tours enable you to transparently show sellers that you can represent their best interest by marketing their property as fast as possible and for the best price. Leave your competitors without digital services behind and score with our modern 360° tours!


In constant dialogue with our customers, we continuously improve our virtual tours for you. See for yourself!

Password protection / Lead generator

You have the option to have prospective buyers sign in before entering the property in the virtual tour. At the same time you protect the privacy of the residents and can also generate valuable leads.


We show you who, how often, and for how long virtually visited every single room in your real estate. With the help of this information you can conclude who is really interested and plan the price negotiation accordingly.

Custom Branding

Stand out from the masses and differentiate yourself from the competition! Personalize your 360° tours by incorporating your own logo, company colors, photo, and contact data.

Info spots

Use the info spots within Ogulo®'s 360° VR tours to position useful additional information as text, PDF, pictures, and videos - for example on furniture or to highlight unique features or fixtures.

Digital Measurement

Offer your prospective buyers the unique opportunity to measure the rooms directly in the virtual tour. This way your prospects can already set up their new home virtually.

Interactive product roadmap

Every two weeks we publish a new update of our software and let you actively participate in the process. Send your product requests directly to our IT department and track the status live!

Aaron Pierson

Chief Creative Officer My Home Group

"Ogulo is a powerful service provider but an even better technology partner. They've truly created a dynamic platform for us - creating delightful experiences for our customers. Ogulo is phenomenal to work with and I highly recommend their team."

Ogulo Service Plus

Let the Ogulo graphic designers create your 360° VR tours

If you do not have the capacity to create 360° VR tours with our software, we will be happy to take over the work for you. In addition, our graphic designers use Photoshop to get the best out of your images.

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