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Support / After Sales

Have you ever wondered who are the people behind our friendly customer support? We are glad to introduce our colleagues to you! Your satisfaction is our top priority and that is exactly what our friendly support and after sales team is all about.


Binja Karls

Team Lead Customer Support

Our cheerful Binja has been with Ogulo since 2014 - she was our second employee. Over the years, she has acquired valuable expertise and knows exactly what matters when it comes to customer service. She passes this knowledge on to her team and ensures that our customers are completely satisfied. She does her job every day with all her heart and soul. Her hands-on mentality has helped us out in other departments over the years.

Joana Keienburg

Team Lead Customer Success

Our lovely Joana started with Ogulo as a Sales Manager and she was also very successful in sales. As her new challenge, Joana is setting up the Customer Care department in Germany and benefits from her sales experience while doing so. She is a true genius when it comes to communication, represents us at trade fairs, and takes care of our customers' concerns. Also, she is always there to help wherever she is needed. She is always in a good mood and gets along with literally everyone.

Danuta Jagodzinski

Back Office | Customer Support

There is not a problem that can upset Danuta. She has a very pleasant way of dealing with customers and thus manages to make each and every one of our customers happy. In addition to customer support, Danuta is in charge of new building renderings in Germany, handles orders, and ensures that every customer receives the quality he deserves. She does the job with all her heart and is there for her team whenever help is needed.

Thomas Pabst

Customer Success

As a former sales manager at Ogulo, Thomas knows Ogulo's features and benefits very well. Being super helpful and customer-oriented, he accompanies our customers to success and is happy to pass on his knowledge. Thomas is a very humorous colleague who doesn't only create a relaxed atmosphere in customer interactions, but also in the office. During our BBQ parties Thomas functions as a grill master and makes sure that noone stays hungry!

Dennis Dornsaft

Back Office | Customer Support


Our Sales Team is the first point of contact for product-related questions and all other contractual issues. Through customer-oriented consulting with our sales team you will certainly find the right solution for you and your company.

Benjamin Hussain

Head of Sales

Benjamin started his career at Ogulo as a Sales Manager. Through his incredible discipline and motivation he has grown into a real sales guru and he now leads the sales team. Benjamin knows his team very well and knows how to use the strengths of his sales managers. He is passionate about Ogulo and always exceeds 100%. He never loses sight of his goals and manages to motivate the entire sales team. Not bad!

Jochen Frauenkron

Sales Assistant

Jochen supports Benjamin in various sales topics and thus free time for him for direct work with the sales managers. For example, Jochen takes care of the preparation of our trade fair appearances and ensures that everything runs smoothly. He is also responsible for preparing quotes and sales-related reports. Although many topics often arise at the same time, Jochen always keeps a clear head.

Francesco Caci

Team Leader Sales

Highly motivated and charming, Francesco conducts sales and acquisition talks. He aspires to meet the individual requirements with the prospective customer and knows how to find the suitable solution. He manages to combine his sales talent with discipline and passion in a wonderful way. The numbers definitely speak for themselves, his picture has been hanging on the wall for the Seller of the Month for quite a while now. Exemplary performance!

Philipp Lichtenberg

Team Leader Sales

Philipp joined Ogulo at the very beginning of our journey, and hence, he experienced our development very closely. In the beginning he had to basically hunt down his customers. In the meantime, the topic of digital real estate marketing is omnipresent in the industry and Philipp understands very well how to acquire real estate companies for which our product is especially beneficial. His calm and relaxed way of talking to customers is an huge advantage for him.

Jennifer Gödert

Team Leader Sales

Jennifer is a career changer and has learnt sales with us from scratch. From the very beginning it was clear that she had the necessary skills and above all, the will to perform at her best every day. After only a short time in our sales department, she was among the top 3 performers in our sales team. She is the living example that with the right attitude you can get very far in sales.

Dominik Hauchwitz

Sales Manager

Dominik worked in sales before Ogulo. Given his experience in the insurance industry, Dominik knows exactly what it takes to be a good salesman. Dominik is a really charming conversational partner, even in difficult situations he remains calm and always benevolent. Our customers also highly appreciate this, as shown by his impressive figures.

Robert Drpic

Sales Manager

In difficult situations and with complex customer concerns, Robert relies on his extensive experience in sales and he is happy to share tips and best practices with his colleagues. He is a calm and balanced individual who never loses sight of his focus. As a supportive colleague, Robert also gets involved whenever help is needed.

Beatrice Müllenborn

Sales Manager

Impersonated empathy. Beatrice is the success of our participation in the German TV program "The Interview". She has a special knack for responding to the wishes of her customers and can put herself wonderfully in their shoes. She proved her strong potential to us already in her first months with Ogulo. Beatrice is determined and puts her foot down every day. That's exactly what we need here!

Benedikt Lemmen

Sales Manager

Benedikt comes from the real estate business himself, and therefore, he knows exactly what challenges our customers face. He is very focused and explains the benefits of our product in a clear and understandable way, which makes him so popular with our customers. Benedikt was thrown in at the deep end and his high energy has been especially motivating since. Not only the customers, but also his team appreciates Benedikt's uncomplicated personality.


Our colleagues in the Marketing Department use various platforms to ensure that you don’t miss out on any Ogulo news. Through informative articles and newsletters you will get to know us and our product even better.

Markus Eickelmann

Head of Marketing

Markus has been working in marketing for over 10 years. During this time he has developed into an expert in the field of digitisation. Together with his team, he develops the department further and always relies on new ideas to supply Ogulo’s target group with relevant content. For Markus, marketing is not just a profession, but his passion, which we see every single day.

Theresa Esser

Online Marketing Manager

Theresa spent several years in Scotland specializing in digital marketing and she continues doing so while working with us in online marketing. Good content and an exciting social media strategy make her heart beat faster. That's exactly why Theresa is responsible for Ogulo’s marketing strategy on Facebook, Instagram & other social media channels. The #Employee Wednesday on Instagram was also introduced by Theresa. Her experience provides valuable input for developing an extensive marketing strategy for Ogulo.

Johanna Dell'Omo

Content Manager

Johanna is responsible for new content ideas, the identification of relevant keywords and the creation of the Ogulo newsletter and blog in Germany. Her very accurate and goal-oriented work deserves to be mentioned on its own. Overall, Johanna is highly motivated and always in a good mood. She even runs her own baking blog and pursues her passion there.

Ninco Kötter

Graphic Designer

Ninco has been working for Ogulo as a freelance graphic designer for a very long time now. Having studied graphic design, Ninco has a wealth of knowledge and is able to provide the high quality graphic materials that our marketing team needs. He also supports the customer service team by regularly helping out with assembling Ogulo tours. Besides, he is probably our only colleague who comes to work with the skateboard. Simply a cool guy!

VFX Department (Visual Effects)

Fabrizio Meli

Senior 3D Artist

Fabrizio has a degree with remarkable grades at the Pixl Visn in Cologne, Germany. As the first employee in the VFX department, Fabrizio quickly laid the essential foundation for the further development of the department. Once a goal has been set, Fabrizio never loses sight of it and delivers outstanding results. Fabrizio is very helpful and is happy to pass on his expertise to his team. As an original Italian native he is often responsible for delicious specialities in our office.

Deniz Yücel

3D Artist

Deniz joined our teams as a former lecturer for 3D and sound design, who likes to focus on conceptual topics. As a studied designer (Master of Arts), he also discovered his passion for scripting which has made our processes much leaner. If anyone can think outside the box, it's Deniz, a real enrichment for the team. We'd also like to mention his creative lunches in a glass, which attract curious colleagues during the lunch breaks.

Matthias Jäger

3D Artist

Matthias brings the necessary peace to the team through his relaxed manner, especially in stressful times. He keeps his perspective straight and works very detailed. Like Fabrizio, he also graduated from Pixl Visn. Matthias has been interested in drawing since his early childhood and has discovered 3D modeling and animation in particular later on. He definitely stands out with his love for detail. The distance he leaves behind every day in order to be here with us is also remarkable. Thank you Matthias!

Güney Kurultay

3D Artist

A colleague you can only love. Güney sees everything in positive light and of course this also infects his team. He is an all-rounder in 3D and in post-production. Due to his valuable professional experience, he is a great help - especially in the conceptual design of ideas and the finalization of attractive designs. Güney is really talented at putting himself in our clients' position to understand their needs, which is very helpful when navigating projects.


Our Finance Department is responsible for ensuring that everything goes according to the plan. If you need an overview, you’ve come to the right place!

Alex Stachelhaus

Head of Finance

No matter if annual closing, budget planning, reporting or dunning, Alex has everything under control and offers our CFO Johannes valuable support. As a numbers juggler, he creates well-founded Excel tables in a matter of seconds. Alex also supports our customers and answers all their questions about invoices. Alex never misses a team event and his colleagues also have a lot of fun due to his enthusiasm.

Wilhelmine Röser


"Helmi" has been part of the Ogulo team for a long time now - she is truly a sunshine that brings a smile to everyone's face. As she has been part of our team since 2014, Helmi knows the specifics of Ogulo's accounting like no other. She therefore regularly offers her colleagues valuable financial input. She is very precise and structured, a colleague you can always rely on.

Customer Service

When it comes to creating virtual tours with Ogulo, you’re in good hands with our Customer Service Team. Our colleagues also provide additional services such as magically creating beautiful weather in your rainy shots.

Serkan Sapmaz

Quality Manager

Serkan is responsible for Ogulo’s tour creation and ensures a perfect quality and handling of the product. On top of that, he takes care of all matters in the office on his own and even swings the hammer if necessary. Serkan always keeps the Ogulo offices clean and when everything is seemingly falling apart, he is usually our first port of call who turns everything back to normal again.

Dirk Büttgenbach

Customer Service | Graphics

Our "tour machine" Dirk delivers one virtual tour after the other in top quality. Besides the tours he is our contact person for internal technical questions. You can always rely on Dirk, even when help is needed elsewhere. Due to many years of professional experience, he brings comprehensive specialist knowledge to the table, which is worth its weight in gold in Ogulo’s everyday operation. Simply a great colleague!

Jennifer Teixeira

Customer Service | Graphics

After spending a long time in the support and after sales team, "Jen" had the opportunity to become part of our customer service department. Through her professional training in graphic design, she possesses the important skills needed to create virtual tours. Jen responds to customer concerns in a charming and eloquent manner. It never gets boring with her, she will always make everyone around her laugh.

Business Development

Our Business Development Department is responsible for ensuring that we do not tread water. This is where, for example, our expansion and cooperation plans are drawn up and executed.

Erik Filter

Entrepreneur in Residence

Erik is an all-round talent who primarily takes care of business development and our CRM system. This means that he plans, supervises, and continuously optimises Ogulo's processes. By doing so he ensures maximum efficiency across departments. A go-getter with startup spirit who wants to accompany Ogulo on our journey to the top.

Anita Beck

Entrepreneur in Residence

Organized, focused and passionate - that's how we can describe Anita best. She is in charge of our expansion in the US and she is mostly responsible for cross-departmental projects - which she brings forward in close cooperation with her colleagues. Our new website is also in her hands and will continue to be optimized by Anita.

Patrick Niederdrenk

Business Development USA

Patrick is a brand ambassador for Ogulo as a successful licensed professional real estate agent who supports the team in marketing operations and business development. Patrick provides Ogulo with a deep insight into the local Arizona market.

Valerie Niederdrenk

Business Development USA

Valerie brings the necessary girl power to our local US team and is responsible for business development. She was born in Canada and grew up in Florida. With her background in business and gastronomy, she enjoys meeting customers and loves to grow with the business.

Technical Development

Are you also a fan of our product? Then you might be interested in who takes care of the technical development of all associated product components on a daily basis. Our colleagues in IT always come up with exciting new tools for you.

Milan Kappen

Product Manager

Milan is significantly involved in all phases of the product cycle. Working closely with brokers and the management, he designs new features, considers the software architecture and actively participates in coding. He takes on technological advances with great passion and defends code quality and sustainable solutions. He is always available for his colleagues and helps when someone is stuck in the code or has questions about the product.

Daniel Hennig

Full Stack Developer

Daniel has been part of our IT team for a long time and is mainly responsible for the presentation of our virtual tours. Due to his professional experience in the real estate industry, he knows the wishes of our customers and can incorporate this knowledge into the development. As a house tinkerer, Daniel likes to deal with tricky topics and always looks for the optimal solution.

Lenz Lüers

Full Stack Developer

Lenz has a pronounced agile mindset and acts as an interim SCRUM master and agile coach in the team. As a full stack developer, he has extensive knowledge in the field of software development and architecture. Having many years of experience, he is especially valuable to the team when it comes to the evaluation and implementation of new technologies and methodologies. As a colleague, Lenz emphasizes and lives the importance of open communication and team work.

Christian Flöhr

Backend Developer

The man behind the Ogulo interface is our lovely Christian alias “Christan-Postman”. Christian creates and maintains the public documentation (API) of Ogulo. When it comes to security aspects, Ogulo faces a lot of responsibility and there are always new challenges. Christian is fortunately a very conscientious colleague and takes his job very seriously. He is an absolute team player, who also plays a part in lugging crates when needed.

Kerstin Paduch

Frontend Developer

After graduating, Kerstin directly found her way to us and since then she provides the very much needed girl power in our IT department. Kerstin started off learning how to use Angular. Furthermore, she has a special knack for UX (User Experience) and thus covers a very important area of development. We are very pleased to announce that Kerstin is planning to write her master thesis with us, which we are absolutely excited about!

Jörn-Henning Daug

Frontend Developer

No one can outdo Jörn when it comes to test cases. He tests everything that others wouldn’t even think about. Even though he started with us shortly after finishing his studies, Jörn was able to take on many practical topics right from the start. He is highly motivated and has familiarized himself with the various technologies at our company and strives to constantly expand his knowledge. A very likeable colleague with a penchant for dry jokes.

HR & Executive Assistance

Jasmin takes care of our personnel in addition to her versatile assistant tasks and, among other things, looks for motivated new team members who would like to accompany us on our journey to the top.

Jasmin Röser

Assistant to CEO | HR

Jasmin, the good soul of Ogulo, was hired as the first employee shortly after Ogulo was founded. In addition to various assistant tasks, she is responsible for the HR department and recruits new team members. With appropriate commitment she cares for the general well-being of our most valuable resource, our employees. Jasmin gladly takes on new challenges and masters them in an exemplary manner.


Behind the diverse Ogulo team stands our management that holds the business together and is responsible for the further development of Ogulo. Typical of a startup, all four are also involved in the day-to-day business.

Florentino Trezek

Co-Founder & CEO

In 2012 Florentino founded Ogulo together with his brother Daniel. Florentino devotes a large part of his time to the company and is determined to solve any problem that comes up. Florentino is very meticulous and structured in everything he does. Although he seems to be everywhere at the same, our CEO skillfully retains control. He appreciates his employees every single day.

Daniel Trezek

Co-Founder & CTO

Daniel is a co-founder of Ogulo and he is responsible for our IT department. Together with his team he plans and develops the product continuously. His main responsibility lies in the conceptual design and project planning of the application. Planning is the be-all and end-all for Daniel and he proceeds very conscientiously. Just like his brother Florentino, he likes to invest a lot of time in the further development of Ogulo.

Max de Melo


Max was born and raised in Cologne, the home of Ogulo. He is responsible for our US operations and is the interface between Germany and the USA. With his extensive success in sales and in supporting growing companies is a leading factor in Ogulo's international expansion. He puts his foot down every day and is highly motivated to take Ogulo to the top together with his team in the USA.

Raul Guevar

President & COO USA

Raul is an Arizona native who was born and raised in Scottsdale. As a tech entrepreneur, he is very well connected and uses his sales and business knowledge to create further business opportunities for Ogulo. With his charismatic approach, he knows how to make customers feel comfortable and well informed.

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