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"Ogulo lets us stay ahead of the curve with technology. With this type of software our realtors can go into any listing appointment and set themselves apart from the crowd."


Hardware Set (360° camera with camera stand) Basic Business Premium
Retail Pricing $579 $579 $579
HomeVestors Special $479 $429 $329




Over 5,000 customers worldwide trust Ogulo. Our platform is easy and user friendly: No previous tech knowledge is required!

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Custom Branding

Stand out from the masses and differentiate yourself from the competition! Personalize your 360° tours by incorporating your own logo, company colors, photo, and contact data.

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Password Protection / Lead Generator

You have the option to have prospective buyers sign in before entering the property in the virtual tour. At the same time your protect the privacy of the residents and can also generate valuable leads.

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We show you who, how often, and for how long virtually visited every single room in your real estate. With the help of this information you can conclude who is really interested and plan the price negotiation accordingly.

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Info Sports

Use the info spots within Ogulo's 360° VR tours to position useful additional information as text, PDF, pictures, and videos - for example on furniture or to highlight unique features or fixtures.

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360° Virtual Rendering From $259

Inspire your prospective customers & shorten the marketing time with 360° new build renderings, virtual renovations, and virtual stagings starting at $259 / panoramic image.

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Floor Plans From $45

Save yourself time-consuming and costly processes for measuring on site. Generate a colored & furnished 2D floor plan with your logo directly form your Ogulo 360 ° VR your from $30 / floor plan.

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Homepage Integration

Drive more traffic to your homepage! Generate your individual embedding code and integrate the 360° yours on your website including a preview of your choice.

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Social Media Integration

With just one click you can share your VR your via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and email.

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Team Management

Add your team members to your account allowing them to create 360° VR tours for you or reassign any of your tours to them.

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Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty

Thomas Scott

“We recently brought on Ogulo to help maximize exposure for our listings along with allowing all of our listings to be open 24/7 to potential buyers.
Their customer service is top-notch, and they are great to work with. We’ve had great success thus far with their platform and it has also given us that competitive edge over others when competing for a listing.“


We believe in transparent pricing! See what your total 1st year investment will be for each package - no hidden costs.


Annual fee from year 2: $840
5 active tours
1 user
Lead generator / Password protection
Visitor analytics
Ogulo mobile app
Website integration
Custom branding
Info spots
Digital measurement


Annual fee from year 2: $1,104
10 active tours
3 users
Lead generator / Password protection
Visitor analytics
Ogulo mobile app
Website integration
Custom branding
Info spots
Digital measurement
Free hosting for renderings


Annual fee from year 2: $1,608
20 active tours
5 users
Lead generator / Passwort protection
Visitor analytics
Ogulo mobile app
Website integration
Custom branding
Info spots
Digital measurement
Free hosting for renderings


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  • How much do I save with the the HomeVestors Dallas Offer?

    The HomeVestors Dallas offer has expired! Nevertheless, HomeVestors agents can save up to $250 on the hardware set.

  • Does Ogulo offer special pricing for HomeVestors agents?

    Yes, we provide an ongoing discount on the hardware for HomeVestors agents.

    The retail price for the hardware set is $579. HomeVestors agents can purchase the hardware for $479 with the Basic, for $429 with the Business, and for $329 with the Premium package.

  • What does the hardware set include and how much do I save?

    The HomeVestors Offer includes the hardware set which enables you to create 360° VR tours. This hardware set includes:

    RICOH THETA V 360° camera

    RICOH THETA Stand TM-1

    The retail price of this hardware bundle is $579. For HomeVestors agents, the hardware set is available for:

    • $479 with the Basic package (savings: $100)
    • $429 with the Business package (savings: $150)
    • $329 with the Premium package (savings: $250)
  • What happens once I sign up for Ogulo?

    Once you complete your order, we’ll get in touch with you regarding hardware shipping.

    We will also set up and give you access to your personal Ogulo account. Along with your login data, you’ll receive onboarding material to help you get started with Ogulo. You can directly start adding your logo, photo, company colors, etc. in your account.

    Moreover, we will schedule a personalized onboarding webinar with you to answer any questions you might have.

  • How do I get help if needed?

    Check out our Help Center at help-ogulo.com! You’ll also find useful tips and best practices there.

    If you have additional questions you can always reach us via email at success@ogulo.com.

    You can also call and text us during our business hours from 8 am – 5 pm (MST) at (480).454.5629.

  • Can I use Ogulo on the go?

    Yes! With the Ogulo Alpha mobile app you can upload and rename your panoramic images on the go. It furthermore enables you to showcase your 360° VR tours wherever you are.

  • Is Ogulo compatible with VR glasses?

    Yes! Any VR glasses can be used to showcase your Ogulo tours.

  • How do I take 360° photos for an Ogulo tour?

    To take panoramic photos you’ll need a 360° camera. The RICOH THETA V and its camera stand are included in the HomeVestors Special Offer!

    To take photos you’ll have to connect the camera to the Ogulo app. This enables you to leave the room so that you are not on the pictures.

    When you’re finished taking photos of every room, you’ll only need to upload the images to your Ogulo account with a simple click in the mobile app.

  • Does your software allow me to edit the photos I took?

    Yes! After uploading the images you’ll have the chance to edit them in the software.

    For example, you’ll have the possibility to blur specific areas of the photo, such as family pictures or license plates. Moreover, you can change the brightness, saturation, and contrast of the 360° images.

  • How do I present the virtual tour to my potential customers?

    There are many different ways to showcase your 360° VR tour to potential buyers:

    • Integrate the iFrame code in your website
    • Place the tour link on your website or on property portals
    • Generate a QR code from your tour URL and place it on your printed marketing material
    • Place your 360° VR tour on a display screen in your office
    • Invite your prospects to a viewing party! Use a beamer or a VR headset to showcase your latest 360° tours

  • Do I get a discount for virtual renderings?

    Yes, Ogulo provides an ongoing discount for HomeVestors agents.

    HomeVestors Prices:

    • Virtual Staging: $259 / panoramic image (original price: $279)
    • Virtual Renovation: $349 / panoramic image (original price: $369)
    • New Build Rendering: $349 / panoramic image (original price: $369)

  • How can I order a 360° virtual rendering and what does it cost?

    For virtual renderings you’ll have to fill out an order form where you can choose from different interior styles, flooring, window views, etc.

    Your rendering will be ready 5-7 business days after payment is received in full.

    HomeVestors Prices:

    • Virtual Staging: $259 / panoramic image (original price: $279)
    • Virtual Renovation: $349 / panoramic image (original price: $369)
    • New Build Rendering: $349 / panoramic image (original price: $369)

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